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Exhibitor List 2023

Company Name Hall No. Stall No. Country Website
3D Cad India / 3D Concept Analysis & Development India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A119 India www.3dcad-global.com
3D Cubic Hall 1B A106 India www.3dcubic.in
3IDEA Technology LLP Hall 1B A142 India www.3idea.in
3R Massfin Equipments Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B103 India www.fintechsolutions.co.in
5th Axis Inc Hall 4 C125A United States
A. R. Traders CNC Hall 3A C111 India www.artraderscnc.com
AARK Metrology Solutions Hall 3B A104 India www.aarkmetrology.com
Abbott Toolfast Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B104 India www.toolfastclamps.com
Abhi Fine Products Hall 2A A101 India www.abhifineproducts.com
Abhijat Equipments Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B106 India www.abhijatequipments.com
Able Electronics Services Hall 3A C109 India www.ableelectronics.in
Abro Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A105 India www.abrobalancing.com
Absolent Air Care Group Hall 4 B140 United Kingdom www.filtermist.com
Accufix Precision Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A125B India www.accufixtools.com
Accurate Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A124 India www.accurateengg.com
Accurate Gauging & Instruments Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B114 India www.accurategauging.com
Accurate Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B105 India www.accuratesales.co.in
Accusharp Cutting Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A128 India www.accusharp.co.in
Ace Designers Ltd Hall 5 B108 India www.acedesigners.com
Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd Hall 5 A110 India www.amsl.in
Ace Robotics Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A102 India www.acerobotics.in
AceMicromatic Manufacturing Intelligence Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A118 India www.amitpl.com
Adcole Corporation Hall 4 B112 United States  www.adcole.com
Addison & Co., Ltd Hall 5 B135 India www.addison.co.in
Adept Prosign Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B125 India www.flexgrip.in
Adept Prosing Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B125 India www.flexgrip.in
Advance Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A147 India www.advancecooling.com
Advance Mechanical Services Pvt Ltd Hall 1B B117 India www.ams-india.co.in
Advanced Bolting Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B143 India www.absgroup.in
Advanced Machine Tool Testing Facility (AMTTF) Hall 5 A101A India www.amttf.in
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre (AMTDC) Hall 5 A101B India www.amtdc.org
Agathon A.G. Hall 4 C114 Switzerland  www.agathon.ch
Agile Machineries Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B106 India www.agilelaser.com
Ail Co.,Ltd Hall 4 C112D Korea www.ails.kr
AIPL Zorro Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B130 India www.aiplabro.com
Air Pel Technic Hall 3B B136 India www.airpeloilmist.com
Airtech Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B137 India www.airtechindia.com
Alex Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B101 India www.alexmachinetools.com
Alkon Plastics Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B124 India www.alkonplastics.com
Alok International Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A120 India www.aloktools.com
Alstrut India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A108 India www.alstrut.com
Altem Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A104 India www.altem.com
AMACE Solution Hall 1B A107 India www.am-ace.com
Amba Mechanic Works Hall 3A B127 India www.ambamechanic.in
Amber Anthony Industries Hall 5 C136 India www.amberanthony.industries.com
Ametek Sas - Division Creaform Hall 4 B112 France www.creaform3d.com
AMGstar / Landforce Infotech Solution Hall 1B A131 India www.amgstar.in
AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology Hall 4 B130 United States www.amtonline.org
AMT Chennai Technology & Service Centre Hall 4 B130 India www.amtonline.org
Amuse Hall 1B B113 India www.amuse3d.in
Anca Motion Pty Ltd Hall 4 A155 Australia www.ancamotion.com
Anca Pty Ltd Hall 4 C107 Australia www.anca.com
Andreas Maier Workholding Technology Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A101B India www.amf.de
Antimu Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C150 India www.antimu.com
Apar Industries Ltd Hall 5 C148 India www.apar.com
Apex Precision Mechatronix Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A129 India www.apexprecisionindia.co.in
Apex Precision Technology Corp. Hall 4 B127 Taiwan
API Sensor Hall 4 B129A United States
APM Technologies 3D Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A111 India www.apmtech.in
Arabian Petroleum Ltd Hall 2B B121 India www.arabianpetroleum.co.in
Argo-Hytos Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C142 India www.argo-hytos.com
Armatech Associates Hall 3B B112 India www.armatechassociates.com
Arris Tooling Hall 3A C105 India www.arristooling.com
Arrow Machine Tools Hall 5 B106A India www.arrowmachinetools.com
Asian Machine Tool Corporation Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B123 India www.amtcpl.com
Askar Microns Pvt Ltd Hall 5 C104 India www.askarmicron.com
Asphalt Syndicate LLP Hall 5 B153 India www.asphaltsyndicate.com
Association of Ludhiana Machine Tool Industries (ALMTI) Hall 5 C117 India www.almti.org
ATEQ Systems Analytic India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C146 India www.ateq.com
ATI Motors / AMIDC Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B142 India www.atimotors.com
ATQ Metro Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C129 India www.atqmetro.com
August Ruggeberg Gmbh & Co. Kg - Pferd Tools Hall 2B B106 Germany www.pferd.com
Autobits Labs Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B123 India www.autobits.in
Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B144 India www.autodesk.com
Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd Hall 4 C118A Taiwan www.autogrip.com.tw
Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) Hall 2A A101A India www.acma.in
Autus Environment Protection Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B119 India www.autus.in
Avi Oilless Die Components India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C128 India www.avioilless.in
Awwa (I) Technologies Hall 2B A127 India www.awwatechnologies.in
Axis Engineering Solutions Hall 5 A134 India www.axisengineeringsolutions.in
B. R. Precisions Hall 2A A104 India www.brprecision.com
Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B121 India www.bakergauges.com
Balaji Diamond Tools Hall 3B B152 India www.balajidiamondtools.com
Balance Systems Srl Hall 2B A121 Italy www.balancesystems.com
Bangalore Ceramics Hall 4 C148 India www.bangaloreceramics.com
Bansal Brothers Hall 3B B131 India
Bansal Machine Tools Hall 5 A126C India www.bansalmachinetools.com
Bavius Technologie GmbH  Hall 4 B112 Germany www.bavius-technologie.com
Bayern International GmbH Hall 2B B115 Germany www.bayern-international.de
BDS Maschinen GmbH / BDS Machine Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C109A Germany www.bds-machines.com
Beiping Machine (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd Hall 4 C110 China www.hdpp.cn
Benco Thermal Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B120 India www.bencoindia.com
Benz Gmbh Werkzeugsysteme Hall 2B A117A Germany www.benztooling.com
Bestek Engineering Pvt Ltd Hall 5 A104 India www.bestekmachines.com
Bestomech Industries Hall 3B B110 India www.bestomech.com
Bevel Gears India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C144 India www.bevelgearsindia.com
Bhagwan Products India Hall 5 A126A India www.bpigroup.in
Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd Hall 2A A102 India www.bfwindia.com
Bhavi Impex Hall 3A A118 India www.bhaviimpex.com www.hl-bearingindia.com
Bhavya Machine Tools Hall 5 C124A India www.bhavyamachinetools.com
Bhavya Machine Tools LLP Hall 5 A126B India www.bhavyamachinetools.com
Bibus India Pvt Ltd Hall 3B B137 India www.bibus.in
Bichamp Cutting Technology Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A141 India www.bichamp.com
Big Zero Technology LLP Hall 1B A112 India www.bigzerotechnology.com
Bipico Industries Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C144 India www.bipico.com
Birla Precision Technologies Ltd Hall 4 C133 India www.birlaprecision.com
Blaser Swisslube Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A111 India www.blaser.com
Blue Star Engineering and Electronics Ltd Hall 2B B117 India www.bluestar-ee.com
Blum-Novotest Measuring and Testing Technology Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A101 India www.blum-novotest.com
Bombay Tools Supplying Agency (P) Ltd Hall 3A A121 India www.btsa.in
Boss Hydraulics Hall 4 C130 India www.bosshydraulics.com
Botek Prazisionsbohrtechnik Gmbh Hall 2B A113A Germany www.botek.de
Brahmand Engineers Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B134 India www.brahmand.co.in
Breton SpA Hall 4 A101 Italy https://breton.it/en_asia
Bright Burnishing Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B152 India www.brightburnishingtools.com
British High Commission/MTC Hall 1B B141 India https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-international-trade
Brugarolas India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C114 India www.brugarolasindia.com
BWI Pavilion Hall 2B B110B Germany www.bw-i.de
C. P. Agencies Hall 4 B104 India www.cpagencies.co
CAD Macro Design and Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C119 India www.cadmacro.com
CADEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A103 India www.cadem.com
CalibroMeasure Equipments Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B147 India www.calibromeasure.in
Callington India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A115 India www.callington.in
Canares Automation Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A114 India www.canares.com
Capcp Benchmarking Services Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B124 India
Capricot Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A143 India www.capricot.com
Capstone India Hall 1A A126 India www.capstoneindia.in
Carbtools (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B151 India www.carbtools.co.in
Carl Bechem Lubricants (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A109 India www.bechemindia.com
Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A101 India www.zeiss.co.in
Carmex Precision Tools Ltd Hall 3B B108 Israel www.carmex.com
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. Hall 3B A102 United States www.carrlane.com
Carrlane Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A102 India www.carrlane.com
Carve Tech Hall 1B A143B India www.carvetech.in
Castrol India Ltd Hall 4 B165 India www.castrol.com
Cee Dee Vacuum Equipment Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B158 India www.ceedeevacuum.com
CEMB Balancing Machines Hall 4 B112 Italy www.cemb.com
CemeCon AG / CemeCon Coating Pvt. Ltd  Hall 4 A134 Germany www.cemecon.com
Central Manufacturing Technology Institute Hall 2A B107 India https://cmti.res.in
Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) Hall 5 C102A India www.cmti.res.in
Ceramed Engineers Ltd Hall 2A B114 India www.ceramedengineers.com
CERATIZIT Group Hall 3A A114 India www.ceratizit.com www.cuttingtools.ceratizit.com
CG Tech Hall 4 A129 India www.cgtech.co.in
Chain Headway Co., Ltd Hall 4 B128 Taiwan www.chainheadway.com
Chennai Brushtek Hall 3B B111 India www.chennaibrushtek.in
Chennai Metco Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A101 India www.chennaimetco.com
China Machine Tool & Tool Builders Association (CMTBA) Hall 1B C102 China www.cmtba.org.cn
Ching Hung Machinery & Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Hall 4 B119 Taiwan www.chmer.com
CHIRON Group SE Hall 4 C113 Germany www.chiron-group.com
CHN-Top Sci & Tech Co., Ltd Hall 4 A119 China www.zhongtuo.net
Chuckmatic Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B136 India
CKD Corporation Hall 4 B159 Singapore www.ckd.co.jp/english
CKS Cable Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B153 India www.cksindia.co.in
Cleantek Hall 3A C113 India www.cleantekindia.com
CMS SPA Hall 4 C105 Italy www.cms.it
CNC India Tools & Services Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A109 India www.cnc-india.com
Cognitive Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A125 India www.cognitivetechnologies.in
Conceptia Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A130 India www.ckonnect.in
Concord United Products Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B107 India www.concordunited.com
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Hall 1A A101A India www.cii.in
Control and Framing Systems Hall 5 B154 India www.cafsystems.in
Conveline Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A127 India www.conveline.com
CP Grat - Ex Manufacturing Company Hall 2B A115 India www.deburringtools.com
Crane-Bel International Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B126 India www.crane-bel.com
Creative Engineering Hall 2A A111 India www.creativeengg.in
Creintors Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A137 India www.creintors.com
Crennovations 3D Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A141 India www.crennovations.com
CTC Praezision Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B133 India www.ctcpraezisiontools.com
Customised Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A133 India www.rapidi.in
Daegu Gyeongbuk Machinery Cooperative (DGMC) Hall 4 C135 Korea www.tamico.or.kr
Daehong Kostech Co.,Ltd Hall 4 C135 Korea www.daehongkst.com
Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd Hall 4 C116 Korea www.topdsht.com
DAKSH IIOT / AVL India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B125 India www.avl.com
Daksh Quality Systems Hall 2B A122 India www.mydaksh.com
Dalal Engineering Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A111 India www.dalalengineering.com
Darex, L.L.C  Hall 4 B112 United States www.darex.com  
Darshana Industries Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A112 India www.darshanaindustries.com
Delta Electronics India Pvt . Ltd Hall 2A A106 India www.deltaelectronicsindia.com
Deltasys E Forming Hall 1B B121 India www.3deltasys.com
Designtech Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A115 India www.designtechproducts.com
Diviprec S.A Hall 2B B109 India www.suaveengg.com
DMG MORI India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C101 India www.dmgmori.com
DN Solutions Co., Ltd (Formerly Known as Doosan Machine Tool Co., Ltd) Hall 4 B102 Korea www.dn-solutions.com
Dolbang Co., Ltd Hall 4 C135A Korea
Dosatron International Hall 3A C108 France www.dosatron.com
Dow Tool Hall 4 C112C Korea www.dowtool.kr
Drake Manufacture LLC Hall 4 B111 Germany
Dropco Multilub Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B139 India www.dropco.in
DST Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A111 India www.dstchemicals.com
Durante Enterprise Hall 4 B147 India www.duranteenterprise.in
DVS Technology Group Hall 4 C109 India www.nemade.in
Dynascan Inspection Systems Company Hall 3A A117 India www.dynascan.info
Dynavac India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C141 India www.dynavac.in
Dynemech Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C155 India www.vibrationmountsindia.com www.vibrationdampingpads.com
East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B111 India www.sardamagnets.com
Eastman Conveyor Solutions Hall 5 A141 India www.eastmanconveyors.com
Ecoclean Machines Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B107 India www.ecoclean-india.com
EFD Induction Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B108 India www.efd-induction.com
EIFCO Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A112 India www.eifcomachinetools.com
Ekin, S. Coop. Hall 4 A127 Spain www.ekin.es
Electronic & Engineering Co. (I) P. Ltd Hall 3B B156 India www.eecindia.com
Electronica India Ltd Hall 1A A119 India www.electronicagroup.com
Electronica Mechatronic Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A108 India www.electronicaems.com
Elektromag Methods Hall 3A C128 India www.elektromag.com
Elesa And Ganter India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B119 India www.elesa-ganter.in
ELPIS IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B136 India www.elpisitsolutions.com
Emkay Tools Hall 5 B126 India www.emkaytools.com
Emmppe Associates Hall 4 A148 India www.zappcool.com
Empire Machine Tools Hall 4 B111 India www.emtmcat.com
Endo Kogyo India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A105 India www.endo-india.co.in
Engis Corporation Hall 4 A131 United States www.engis.com
EOS Electro Optical Systems India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B109 India www.eos.info
Eppinger Tooling Asia Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B B101 India www.eppinger.de
Epson India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A122 India www.epson.co.in
Erowa S.E.A Pte. Ltd Hall 4 A142 Singapore www.erowa.com
Erwin Halder KG Hall 2B B109 Germany
Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik Gmbh Hall 2B A113B Germany www.junker-group.de
Esya Engineering Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A113A India www.esya.co.in
ETA Technology Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C111 India www.etatechnology.in
Ethereal Machines Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A114 India www.etherealmachines.com
Eturnalscrews Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B138 India www.eturnalscrews.com
EUCHNER GmbH + Co. KG Hall 2B A113 Germany www.euchner.com
Everloy Shoji Co., Ltd Hall 3B B139 Japan www.everloy.co.jp/english/
Exact Machinery Co., Ltd. Hall 4 C120 Taiwan www.exactmachinery.com
Exacut Machines Hall 1A A110 India www.exacut.in
Exemplar Machine Tools Hall 5 C132 India
Exeron GmbH Hall 2B A113D Germany www.exeron.de
Exxonmobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B146 India www.exxonmobil.com
Fagor Automation S. Coop Hall 4 B125 Spain www.fagorautomation.com
Falcon Toolings Hall 4 C129 India www.falcontoolings.com
FANUC India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A119 India www.fanucindia.com
Faro Business Technologies India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C120 India www.faro.com
Fein Power Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B B103 India www.fein.in
Felsomat India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B114 India www.felsomat.com
Felss Systems GmbH Hall 2B A117D Germany www.felss.de
Fenwick and Ravi Hall 2A B101 India www.far.co.in
Fermat Machinery Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A126 India www.fermatmachinery.com
Ferro Tiger Hall 4 A135 India www.ferrotiger.com
Festo India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A109 India www.festo.com
Fibro India Precision Products Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B135 India www.fibro-india.com
Fillet Engineering Services Hall 1B A122 India www.filletengg.com
Fine Handling & Automation Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B111 India www.fine-handling.com
Finetech Toolings Hall 3A C123 India www.finebore.com
Fintek Engineers Hall 4 A137 India www.fintekengineers.com
Fischer Measurement Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd Hall 4 A157 India www.helmut-fischer.com
Fives Landis Ltd Hall 4 B112 United Kingdom www.fivesgroup.com
Fledon - MH&M Material Handling & Storage Systems Hall 5 B140 India www.fledon.com www.mhmore.in
Flex Arm India Hall 3B B120 India
Flexicam GmbH Hall 2B B112F Germany www.flexicam.com
Flexspeed Technology India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C111 India www.flexspeed.in
Fluid Logic Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B B108 India www.systemshydraulics.com
Fluidedge / Viasell Consultancy Services Hall 1B B137 India www.via-sell.in
Fluro Engineering Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B109 India www.fluroengg.com
Focus Nano Technology Hall 2B B119 India www.focusnanotechnology.com
Forbes & Company Ltd Hall 2A A109 India www.totem-forbes.com
Fracktal Works Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B116 India www.fracktal.in
Francis Klein & Co. Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C114 India www.francisklein.in
Fuchs Lubricants (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A103 India www.fuchs.com/in
Future Technologies Hall 5 A136 India www.futuretech.biz
Gala Finishing Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C103 India www.galafinishing.com
Galaxy Chains Pvt Ltd Hall 5 C129A India www.galaxychains.com
Gear Technology India Hall 3B B154 India www.geartechnologyindia.com
Gearspect India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C135 India www.gearspect.com
Gedee Weiler Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B105 India www.gdweiler.com
Geeta Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B116 India www.geetajam.com
Gehring Technologies GmbH + Co. KG Hall 2B A117 Germany www.gehring-group.com
Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B125 India www.geminipowerhydraulics.com
Geo Informatics Consultants Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B137 India www.gicpl.com
Ger Máquinas Herramienta S.L.U Hall 4 B111 Spain
GH Induction India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A106 India www.ghinduction.co.in
Gishnu Gears Hall 3B A107 India www.gishnugears.in
Givi Misure Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A122 India www.givimisureindia.com
Gleason Works (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B103 India www.gleason.com
GMN Paul Mueller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG Hall 2B B112D Germany www.gmn.de
Golden Precision Products Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B126 India www.golden-india.com
Gole Precision Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A130 India www.goletools.com
GOSTOL TST India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A113 India www.gostol-in.net
GP Petroleums Ltd Hall 5 A135 India www.gppetroleums.co.in
Gravotech Engineering Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A124 India www.gravotech.com
Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B105 India www.grindmaster.co.in
Grindex d.o.o Hall 4 B112 Serbia www.grindex.rs
GrindStar Tools and Machinery Hall 2A B122 India www.grindstarindia.com
Grindwell Norton Ltd Hall 2B A119 India www.nortonabrasives.com/en-in
GS Caltex India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A123 India www.gscaltexindia.com
Gudel India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A109 India www.gudel.com
Guhring India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B106 India www.guhring.in
Guindy Machine Tools Ltd Hall 4 A147 India www.gmt.co.in
Gunter Effgen GmbH Hall 2B A112 Germany www.effgen.de
Gurukrupa Engineering Hall 3B B122 India www.gurukrupabellows.com
Gutekunst Formfedern GmbH Hall 2B A113E Germany www.formfedern.com
Haas Automation Inc Hall 4 B105 India www.haascnc.com
Haas Automation Inc Hall 4 B105 India www.haascnc.com
Haimer India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A143 India www.haimer.in
Halten Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B153 India www.halten.co.in
Hamuel Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG Hall 2B B112C Germany www.hamuel.de
HanBoo India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B142 India www.hanbooindia.com
Hangsterfers Laboratories Incorporated Hall 4 B126 United States www.hangsterfers.com
Hansong M&T Co., Ltd Hall 4 C116A Korea www.han-song.co.kr
Hanspark Industries Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A111 India
Hardik CNC Automation Hall 2A B120 India www.hardikcnc.com
Hardinge Machine Tools India LLP Hall 4 B129 India www.hardinge.com
Hartmetall Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn Gmbh Hall 2B A118 Germany www.horn-group.com
Hartner GmbH Hall 4 C151 Germany www.hartner.de
Hasmukhlal & Brothers (Bonnaflex) Hall 3B B145 India www.bonnaflex.com
Hawe Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C112 India www.hawe.com/en-in
HCL Technologies Ltd Hall 4 C141 India www.camworks.com
Heidenhain Optics & Electronics India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A110 India www.heidenhain.in
Heimatec India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C143 India www.heimatec.de
Hembrug Machine Tools  Hall 4 C114 Netherlands  www.hembrug.com
Hexagon Metrology (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B108 India www.hexagonmi.com
HHG Innovation LLP Hall 1B A140 India
Hi-Life Machine Tools Ltd Hall 1A A114 India www.hilifegroup.com
Himshiv Machines Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A120 India www.himshivmachines.com
Hinaka Fluid Power Co., Ltd Hall 4 C156 Taiwan www.hinakaorg.com
Hind Gear Industries Hall 3B B144 India www.hindgear.com
Hindustan Export & Import Corporation Pvt. Ltd (HEI) Hall 4 A115 India www.heiindia.com
Hiwin Technologies Corp. Hall 4 A112 Taiwan www.hiwin.tw
HMT Machine Tools Ltd Hall 1A B117 India www.hmtmachinetools.com
Hosabettu Heavy Machinery LLP Hall 4 A110 India www.hosabettumachinery.com
Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH Hall 2B B115A Germany www.hufschmied.net
Hurco India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B115 India www.hurco.com/in
Hurmen Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A114 India
Hydroblock S.r.l. Hall 2B B109 Italy
Hyperreality Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A109 India www.hyperrealitylabs.com
HYT Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C105A India www.hytengineering.com
IAR Ballscrews Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A122 India www.iarpune.co.in
Ibarmia Innovatek, S.L.U Hall 4 A127A Spain www.ibarmia.com
ICEX- Spain Trade And Investment Hall 4 A127 India www.icex.es
Iec Air Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B116 India www.iecairtools.com
Ifm Electronic India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B B102 India www.ifm.com/in
IGE+XAO Group Hall 1B B140 India www.ige-xao.com
IGEP / H&B GmbH Hall 2B B122 India www.igep.org
Igus India Pvt Ltd Hall 3A C125 India www.igus.in
Iljin Diamond Co. Korea Hall 4 B138 Korea www.iljindiamond.co.kr
ILJIN Tool Tech Co., Ltd Hall 4 C112A Korea www.iljintool.com
Imeco Machines Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A150 India www.imecoultrasonics.com
Imexsu Group Hall 1A B104 India www.imexsu.in
IMI Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B105 India www.imitoolsindia.com
IMI Norgren Herion Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B162 India www.imi-precision.com
Impression Systems & Engineers Pvt. Ltd (Imensys) Hall 5 C147 India www.imensys.net
Indo Nihon Technologies Hall 4 B155 India www.indonihon.co.in
Indo Services Hall 3A C127 India www.indoservices.net
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) Hall 1B C104 India www.iaccindia.com
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) Hall 2B B109A India www.indo-german.com
Indosculp Auto Comp Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B117 India www.indosculp.com
Indotech Industries (I) Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A117 India www.indotechmachines.com
Ind-Sphinx Precision Ltd / Axis Hall 3A A104 India www.axis-microtools.com
Inductotherm (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B102 India www.inductothermindia.com
Industrial Interface India (3i) Hall 4 C119 India www.industrialinterface.in
Infion Advanced Laser Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A116 India www.infionlaser.com
Innovative Automation Products Hall 5 A145 India www.innovativedro.com
Innse-Berardi S.p.A Hall 4 B112 Italy www.en.machinetools.camozzi.com
Inovic Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd Hall 5 B138 India
Insize india Hall 3A A122 India www.insize.in
Intech Additive Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B145 India www.intechadditive.com
International Industrial Springs Hall 3B B107 India www.internationalsprings.com
Intersense Technologies LLP Hall 4 C123 India www.intersense.in
Intouch Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A124 India www.itspl.com
Ionbond Coatings Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C145 India www.ionbond.com
IPG Photonics (India) Pvt Ltd Hall 2A B118 India www.ipgphotonics.com
Iscar India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B117 India www.iscar.com
ISPL Automation Pvt Ltd / Intelmac Group Hall 4 A109 India www.isplautomation.com
Italian Technology Center (ITC) Hall 4 A107 India www.itc-india.in
I-Tech Media Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B164 India www.oemupdate.com
ITL Industries Ltd Hall 1A B108 India www.itl.co.in
J. K. Machines Hall 2A B110A India www.jkmachines.co
J. N. Eberle & CIE. GmbH Hall 2B B115B Germany www.eberle-augsburg.de
Jagdeep Foundry (Regd.) / Jagdeep Machines (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A101 India www.jagdeepfoundry.in
JAI BALAJI Controlgears Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B136 India www.jaibalaji.firm.in
Jain Diamond Tools Hall 4 C157 India www.jaindiamondtools.com
Jainson Mechanical Works Hall 3B B109 India www.jainsonchucks.com
Jakob Antriebstechnik GmbH Hall 2B B112B Germany www.jakobantriebstechnik.de
Janatics India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B123 India www.janatics.com
Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association (JMTBA) Hall 1B C101 Japan www.jmtba.or.jp
Jasmine Enterprises Hall 3B B163 India www.jasmineenterprises.co.in
Jeil Mtech Co., Ltd. Hall 4 C112F Korea www.pinmarking.com/eng
Jergens India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A130 India www.jergensindia.com
JK Files & Engineering Ltd Hall 3B B157 India www.jksuperdrive.com
Juaristi Boring & Milling Machines S.L. Hall 4 A121 Spain www.juaristi.com
Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd Hall 5 B112 India www.jyoti.co.in
K Engg. Products Hall 1A B106 India www.kenggproducts.com
K. C. Precision Hall 3A A105 India www.kcpindia.com
Kabelschlepp India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B166 India www.tsubaki-kabelschlepp.com/en-in/
Kadia Produktion GmbH + Co. Hall 4 C114 Germany www.kadia.de 
Kahaan Enterprises/ Nagamani Lathes Hall 2A B116 India www.nagmanilathes.com
Kanefusa India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A107 India www.kanefusa.net
KAPP GmbH & Co. KG Hall 2B B107 Germany www.kapp-niles.com
Kapsun Air Cooler Hall 3A C103 India www.kapsun.com
Karl Klink GmbH Hall 2B A117B Germany www.karl-klink.de
Karl Schussler GmbH & Co. KG Hall 2B B104 Germany www.k-schuessler.de
Kemtree Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C107 India www.kemtree.in
Kenturn Nano. Tec. Co., Ltd Hall 4 C121 Taiwan www.kenturn.com.tw
Keyence India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B103 India www.keyence.co.in
Khodiyar Industrial Products Hall 2A A121 India www.kiproducts.com
Khushbu Honing Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B109 India www.khushbuindia.com
Kings Vision Hall 3B B149 India www.kingsvision.in
Kistler Instruments India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C133 India www.kistler.com
Kitagawa India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A131 India www.kitagawaindia.com
KJK MeisterHonen Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A108 India www.meisterhonen.in
Klingelnberg India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B106 India www.klingelnberg.com
Komatsu NTC Ltd Hall 4 A102 Japan ntc.komatsu/en/
Korea Broach Manufacture Co., Ltd Hall 4 C112B Korea www.broachmc.co.kr
Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (KOMMA) Hall 4 C112 Korea www.komma.org
Kosmek Ltd Hall 3A A101 Japan www.kosmek.co.jp
Kristeel Shinwa Industries Ltd Hall 3A A127 India www.kristeel.com
Krypton Corporation Hall 3B B115 India www.kryptoncorp.in
KTA Spindle Toolings Hall 5 A124 India www.ktaspindletoolings.com
KTM Techno Solution Hall 5 A106 India
Kudale Instruments Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C140 India www.kudaleinstruments.com
Kuvam Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C118 India www.kuvamtechnologies.com
Kyocera CTC Precision Tools Pvt Ltd Hall 4 C127 India www.kyocera.com.sg
Kyocera SGS Precision Tooling, Inc. Hall 4 B124 United States www.kyocera-sgstool.com
Lablink Instruments Hall 4 C158 India www.lablinkinstruments.com
Lakshmi Electro Controls and Automation Hall 1A B125 India www.leca.in
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd Hall 5 B107 India www.lmwcnc.com
Landsky Engineers Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A124 India
Lapmaster Wolters India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C124 India www.lapmaster-wolters.co.in
Laser Automation Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A120 India www.laserautomation.in
Laserline Diode Laser Technology Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A118 India www.laserline.com
Laxman Kadva & Sons Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A104 India www.laxsonbandsaw.com
Leanworx Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A102 India www.leanworxcloud.com
Lerun  Hall 4 B111 Spain
Lex Technoaid Intenational Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C137 India www.lextechnoaid.com
Lexis Tooling Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C125 India www.lexistooling.com
Liebherr Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B114 India www.liebherr.com
Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH Hall 4 C114 Germany www.liebherr.com
Lincode Labs India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B115 India www.lincode.ai
Linear Ways India Hall 5 C126 India www.linearways.in
Linkez Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B118 India www.linkeztech.com
LK Metrology Ltd Hall 4 B112 United Kingdom www.lkmetrology.com
LMT Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B110 India www.lmt-tools.com
Lodestar Innovations Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B111 India www.lodestar3d.com
Lokesh Machines Ltd Hall 5 C101 India www.lokeshmachines.com
Losma India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A139 India www.losma.in
Lubchem Co.,Ltd Hall 4 C135B India www.Lubchem.Co.Kr
Lubrite Industries Hall 5 A126E India www.lubriteindustries.com
Luthra Pneumsys Hall 4 B151 India www.pneumsysenergy.com
M. K. Morse Company India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C134 India www.mkmorse.com
Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B114 India www.antivibrations.com
Machine Tools (India) Limited Hall 4 B112 India www.mactool.com
Machine Tools World Hall 3B B161 India www.mtwmag.com
Machinomatic Engineers Hall 5 B143 India www.symachgroup.com
Maco Corporation (I) Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B127 India www.macocorporation.com
MAG India Industrial Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B102 India www.ffgmag-india.com
Magnus Lubricants Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C133 India www.magnuslubricants.com
Mahr Metrology India Pvt Ltd Hall 2B A108 India www.mahr.in 
Make3D.in Hall 1B B104 India www.make3d.in
Makino India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B101 India www.makinoindia.co.in
Malkar Industries Hall 3A A126 India www.malkar.in
Malles Automated and Robotic Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A124 India www.mallesautomation.com
Malwa Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A125 India www.malwamachinetools.in
Manar Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A146 India www.manartools.com
Manleo Designs Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A113 India www.manleo.com
Maptech Automations Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C109 India www.maptechautomations.com
MarkIndia Marking Systems Hall 2A A107 India www.markindiamarking.com
Marposs India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B101 India www.marposs.in
Maschinenfabrik Alfing Kessler GmbH Hall 2B A117C Germany www.alfing.de
Master Fluid Solutions India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B132 India www.masterfluidsolutions.com
Mastercam - CNC Software, LLC Hall 4 C122 United States www.mastercam.com
Materialise Sdn Bhd Hall 1B B130 Malaysia www.materialise.com
Matrix Precision Co., Ltd Hall 4 B107 Taiwan www.matrix-machine.tw
Maverick Engineering Company Hall 4 C104 India www.maengco.com
Max Milan Tooling Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A124 India www.maxmilan.in
MCM S.p.A. Hall 4 B112 Italy www.mcmspa.it
MEC Technology Machines (I) Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A119 India www.mectechnology.co.in
Mechmatrix Hall 2A A123 India www.mechmatrix.in
Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B115 India www.mehtaindia.com
Meiban Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B103 India www.meibanengg.com
Meiritz Seiki Co. Ltd. Hall 3B B146 Japan www.tti-geartec.jp/en/
Menzel Vision and Robotics Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A132 India www.mvrpl.com
Metafold Engineering Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A152 India www.metafold.com
Metalcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B131 India www.metalcam.com
Metatech Industries Hall 3B B151 India www.metatechind.com
Micro Concept Tools Hall 3B B121 India www.mct.in.net
Micro Flat Datums Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A126 India www.microflatdatums.com
Micro Products Hall 3A C130 India www.microproducts.co.in
Micro Supreme Auto Industries (I) Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A129 India www.microsupreme.co.in
Micro Tooling Systems India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A120 India www.microtoolings.com
Micromatic Grinding Technologies Ltd Hall 5 A117 India www.micromaticgrinding.com
Micromatic Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B110 India www.acemicromatic.net
Micromeasures Metrology Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C140 India www.micromeasures.com
Micron Machinery Co., Ltd Hall 4 B112 Japan www.micron-grinder.co.jp
Microtek Grinding Machines Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A118 India www.microtekgrinding.com
Mikro Innotech India Pvt Ltd Hall 5 A103 India www.mikroindia.com
Mikronix Gauges Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B102 India www.mikronix-gauges.com
Millenia Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd Hall 5 B129 India www.millenia-technologies.com
Mimatic GmbH Hall 2B B112A Germany www.mimatic.de
Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A105 India www.mitsubishielectric.in
Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B120 India www.mitutoyoindia.com
Miven Mayfran Conveyors Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C130 India www.mivenmayfran.com
M'La Sales Corporation Hall 3A A111 India www.mla-sales.com
MMC Hardmetal India Pvt. Ltd. Hall 3A B113 India www.mitsubishicaride.com
Mollart Engineering Ltd Hall 4 C108 United Kingdom www.mollart.com
Momentum Machine Tool Co. Ltd Hall 4 A128 United States
Monotech Systems Ltd Hall 1B A116 India www.3dmonotech.in
Mosil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A121 India www.mosil.com
Motherson Techno Tools Ltd Hall 4 B143 India www.mothersontools.com
MST Corporation Hall 4 C154 Japan www.mst-corp.co.jp
MTE Industries Pvt Ltd Hall 1A A118 India www.mteindustries.com
Multi Axis CNC Hall 5 C115 India www.multiaxiscnc.co.in
Multi System Automech Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B B124 India www.multisystem.in
Multicut Machine Tools Hall 1A A103 India www.multicut.in
Multidimensions Hall 5 C143 India www.multidimensions.co.in
Multispan Control Instruments Pvt Ltd Hall 4 C147 India www.multispanindia.com
Muvtons Castors Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A119 India www.muvtons.com
N. Gandhi & Co Hall 4 A133 India www.ngandhi.com
Nagel Special Machines Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B113 India www.nagel.com
Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co., Ltd Hall 4 B108 Japan www.nakamura-tome.co.jp
Nakashi CNC Hall 2A A129 India www.nakashicnc.com
Namoh Toolings Hall 5 A126 India
Nandan Petrochem Ltd Hall 3B A118 India www.velvex.in
Nanotech Hall 3A C134 Korea www.nanoloy.co.kr/eng/index.php
NCB Co., Ltd Hall 4 C112G Korea www.ncbrain.com
Neelkanth Power Solutions Hall 3A C101 India www.neelpower.com
NEMADE Engineers Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C109 India www.nemade.in
Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) Hall 1B B147 India www.nttftrg.com
Nexco Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B101 India www.nexco.co.in
N-GRAVETEK Hall 2A A128 India www.ngravetek.com
Nickunj Eximp Entp. P. Ltd Hall 3A B118 India www.nickunj.com
Nicolas Correa, S.A. Hall 4 B121 Spain www.correa.es
NIDEC India Precision Tools Ltd Hall 4 A117A India www.mhi-ipt.in
Nidec Machine Tool Corporation Hall 4 A117 Japan www.nidec.com/en/nidec-machinetool/
Nikon Corporation   Hall 4 B112 Japan www.nikon.com
Ningyuan Machine Tool Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B123 India www.htt-india.com
Nippon Oil Pump India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A146 India www.nopindia.com
Nirav Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B148 India www.niratools.com
Nissin Advanced Coating Indo Co Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B160A India
Nissin Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Hall 4 A104 Japan www.nissin-mfg.co.jp
Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd Hall 5 C149 India www.nitto-kohki.co.jp
NMC Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B104 India www.nmctools.com
NRB IBC Bearing Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B154 India www.nibc.in
Num India Automation Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A144 Switzerland www.num.com
Nuovo Crystals Hall 5 B134 India www.nuovocuts.com
NVK Metals and Tools LLP Hall 5 C122 India
Octagon Measurement Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A108 India https://oms.octagon.co.in/metrologx4/
Octagon Precision (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B112 India www.octagon.co.in
Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH Hall 2B B105 Germany www.oemeta.com
Oerlikon Balzers Coating India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B150 India www.oerlikon.com
OGP India/QVI India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B131 India www.ogpnet.com
Oilmax Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B129 India www.centrifugaloilcleaner.com
OM Manufacturers Hall 4 C145 India www.ommanufacturers.com
OME Technology Co., Ltd Hall 4 B160 Taiwan www.ome.com.tw
Omg Srl Hall 5 C139 Italy www.omgnet.It
Omira Machinetec Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A108 India www.phillipscorp.com
ONA Electroerosión, s.a. Hall 4 C114 Germany www.onaedm.com
Open Mind CADCAM Technologies India Pvt Ltd Hall 2B B112G India www.openmind-tech.com
Optomech Engineers Pvt Ltd Hall 4 B112 India www.optomech.in
ORAMA Solutions LLP Hall 1B B112 India www.oramasolutions.in
Orbital Mekatronik Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B126 India www.orbitalmekatronik.com
Oriental Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A105 India www.oewin.com
Orion Innotech Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C136 India www.oriongroup.in
OSG (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A153 India www.osg-india.com
OTT- Jakob Spanntechnik GmbH Hall 2B B112B Germany www.ott-jakob.de
Otto Bilz (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B161 India www.bilzindia.com
Oursys ERP / Momenta Information LLP Hall 1B A126 India www.momentainfo.com
Pace Assembly Tools Hall 5 B130 India www.paceassemblytools.com
Pace India Hall 3A C117 India www.paceindiatools.com
Palmary Machinery Co., Ltd Hall 4 C118 Taiwan www.palmary.com
Parth Industries Hall 4 A149 India www.parthindustries.co
Patankar Industries Hall 4 B148 India www.patankarindustries.com
Patel Brass Turnomatics Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C115 India www.patelbrass.com
Patel Shot Blasting Hall 2A A103 India www.pshotblast.com
PDS-Parametric Designs & Solutions Hall 1B A132A India www.pds-mcad.com
Peiseler Gmbh & Co. Kg Hall 2B B109 Germany
Pelican Projects - Onsite Machining Hall 2A A127 India www.pelican.net.in
Perfect Machine Tools Co. Ltd Hall 5 B119A India www.pmtcoltd.in
Perfect Magnets Hall 5 B141 India www.perfectmagnets.in
Perfect Metal Cut Services India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A117 India www.prompttooling.com
Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A108 India www.phillipscorp.com
Pinnacle Engineering Enterprise Hall 1A A108 India www.pinnaclegrinder.com
Pioneer Automation Hall 5 B115A India www.pioneerautomation.co.in
Pixelr Innovations Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A110 India www.pixelr-ai.com
Plasma Induction Hall 2A A112 India www.plasmainduction.com
PMT Machines Ltd Hall 2A B112 India www.pmtmachines.com
Pneumatic Power Tools & Co. Hall 3B B129 India www.strappingtoolppt.com
Pneumec Kontrolls Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C146 India www.pneumec.in
Polytec Hall 4 B112 Germany www.polytec.com
Polyworks Software India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A103 India www.polyworksindia.com
Power Belt India Hall 5 C131 India www.powerbeltindia.com
PQSI Hall 1B B107 India www.pqsitech.com
Pragati Automation Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B111 India www.pragati-automation.com
Prakash Engitech Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C102 India www.prakashmachines.co.in
Pratap Tex Chem Pvt. Ltd (Lubeco) Hall 3A B109 India www.lubecogreenfluids.com
Prayosha Enterprise Hall 1A A125 India www.surfacegrinding.co.in
Precihole Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B104 India www.precihole.com
Precision Machinekraft Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B105 India www.pmkindia.com
Precision Motion Industries, Inc Hall 4 B118 Taiwan www.pmi-amt.com
Precitec Precision Machineries Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C108 India www.precitec.co.in
Prem Brothers International Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B115 India www.powermaster-india.com
Pride Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A107 India www.pridemachines.net
Prime Minds Consulting Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B102 India www.primemindsconsulting.com
Prime Technologies Hall 5 A144 India www.gear-testers.com
Prism Surface Coatings Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C137 India www.prismsurface.com
Professional Engineering Hall 3A B128 India www.professionalengg.co.in
Profilator GmBH & Co. KG Hall 4 B111 Germany
Profiroll Technologies GmbH Hall 4 C114 Germany www.profiroll.de
Proteck Machinery Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B110 India www.proteckmachinery.com
Protherm Engineering Pvt Ltd Hall 3B A128 India www.prothermindia.com
Protomont Technologies LLP Hall 1B B138 India www.protomont.com
Purshotam Company Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C102 India www.purshotam.com
Purva Metal Section Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A111A India www.purvametal.com
Quaker Houghton Hall 5 B121 India www.quakerhoughton.com
R.K Industrial Automation Products Hall 1A B113 India www.rewpune.com
R.P. Steel Craft Hall 3B B140 India www.rpsteelcraft.com
Raise Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A120 India www.raisemachinetools.com
Raj Petro Specialities Pvt. Ltd. Hall 4 A151 India www.rajgrp.com
Rajamane Industries Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B125 India www.rajamane.com
Rakidev Accutech Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B158 India www.rakidev.com
Ramm Precision Products Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C118 India www.rmcollet.com
Rapicut Carbides Ltd. Hall 3B B155 India www.rapicutcarbides.com
Ratnaparkhi Electronics Industries Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A107 India www.ratnaparkhiedm.com
Ravisons Corporation Hall 2A A108 India www.ravisons.com
RC Ventures Hall 3B B114 India www.rcventures.co.in
RED LION Control / Spectris Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A110 India www.redlion.net
Redington Ltd Hall 1B B105A India www.watermarkexperience.com
Redington Ltd Hall 1B B146 India www.watermarkexperience.com
Rego - Fix AG Hall 3A C110 Switzerland www.rego-fix.com
Reliance Calibration Laboratory Hall 3B A123 India www.reliancecalibration.com
Renishaw Metrology Systems Ltd Hall 3A B103 India www.renishaw.com
Renuka Engineering & Service Hall 5 C103 India www.renukaengg.com
Rever Industries Hall 1B A133 India www.reverindustries.com
Rewdale Precision Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A119 India www.rewdale.com
Riya Electrodes Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A143 India
Robin Precision Products Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B152 India www.bloodtools.com
Rollomatic SA Hall 4 A106 Switzerland www.rollomatic.ch
Rollon India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B128 India www.rollon.com
Roop Ultrasonix Ltd Hall 3A A102 India www.rtulgroup.com
Rose Plastic India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A123 India www.rose-plastic.in
RS Machines Hall 5 B118 India www.rscncmachine.com
Rust-X / Hi-Tech International Hall 3B B148 India www.rustx.net
RV FORMS & GEARS Hall 1B B108 India www.formsandgears.com
S & T Engineers Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A113 India www.stengineers.com
S & T Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B121 India www.velmachines.com
S & T Machinery Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A117 India www.stmcnc.com
S.M. Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C113 India www.smsystems.in
S.S. Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C141A India www.sstoolsindia.com
S2V2 INC Hall 1B A134 India
Saacke Machines & Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A114 India www.saacke-india.com
Safop S.R.L Hall 5 C105 Italy www.safop.com
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd Hall 2A B109 India www.sltl.com
Sahara Solutions Hall 5 A140 India www.saharasolutions.in
Sahas Softech LLP Hall 1B B139 India www.sahassoftech.com
Sajraj Technologies Hall 1A A123 India www.steadyrestforturning.com
Samkrish Hall 3B B106 India www.samkrish.com
Samkrish Machine Hall 3B B106 India www.samkrish.com
Samkrish Machine Tool Division Hall 4 A120 India www.samkrishmachinetools.com
Sandstorm Equipment Co. Hall 5 A116 India www.sandstorm.net.in
Sanpar Microfilters Pvt Ltd Hall 4 B150 India www.sanpar.com
Sapience Tech Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A120 India www.sapience-group.com
Saptechnical Hall 4 B109 India www.saptechnical.co.in
Sarto Electro Equipments Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A117 India www.sartoelectro.com
Satkirti Filter Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B149 India www.satkirtifiltertech.com
Schaeffler India Ltd Hall 2B B116 India www.schaeffler.co.in
Schmid & Wezel GmbH Hall 2B B110A Germany www.biax.de
Schneeberger India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A139 India www.schneeberger.com
Schwegler Werkzeugfabrik Gmbh & Co. KG Hall 2B B112 Germany www.schwegler.de
Sekwang Hi-Tech India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C135 India www.skh-hydraulics.com
Seoam Machinery Industry Co., Ltd Hall 5 A138 Korea www.smiltd.co.kr
Setco Spindles India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A132 India www.setco.com
SETECH CO., LTD Hall 4 C135 Korea www.setech.co.kr
Seventh International Hall 1A A112 India www.sevox.co.in
sfhawk / InnovaPoint Infotech Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B101 India www.innovapoint.com
SGN Enterprises Hall 4 C149 India
Shanti Technocrats Hall 3B B118 India www.shantitechno.com
Sharda Mechanic Works Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B115 India www.shardamachines.com
Sharp Chucks and Machines Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A145 India www.sharpchucks.com
Shayan Tooling Solutions Hall 3B B113 India
Shilpa Enterprises Hall 3B B162 India www.shilpabellow.com
Shilpin Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A114 India www.shilpin.co.in
Shin Nippon Koki Co. Ltd Hall 4 A113 Japan www.snkc.co.jp/en/
Shivom Brass Industries Hall 2B A125 India www.shivombrass.co.in
Shobha Industries Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B149 India www.shobha-india.com
Shree Rapid Technologies Hall 1B B106 India www.shreerapid.com
Shubhline Automation Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B110 India www.prostarcnc.com
Shuton, S.A. Hall 4 A126 Spain www.shuton.com
SICA India Hall 1B A121 India www.sica.in
Siemens Ltd Hall 4 B144 India www.siemens.com
Sigma Engineers Hall 3A C106 India www.sigmatoolings.com
SigmaTEK Systems India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B164 India www.sigmanest.com
Sino Fin CNC Group Co., Ltd Hall 4 C132 China www.sinoanson.en.alibaba.com
Sipcon Instrument Industries Hall 5 C127 India www.sipconinstrument.com
SKF India Ltd Hall 5 B132 India www.skf.com/india
SM Laser Technology Hall 2A B117 India www.sparklemachinery.com
Smalley Hall 3B B147 United States www.smalley.com
SMC Corporation India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B134 India www.smcin.com
SMS Maschinenbau GmbH Hall 2B A113C Germany www.sms-gmbh.de
SMW Autoblok Work Holding Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B139 India www.smwautoblok.in
SNF Sales Corporation Hall 5 A130 India
Sodick Technologies India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A126D India www.sodick.co.in
Solar Diamond Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C127A India www.solardiamondtools.com
Solidcam Software India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A127 India www.solidcam.com
Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd Hall 5 C106 India www.smtgrinders.com
Sovereign Tech Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B122 India www.sovereigntech.in
Span Filtration Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A125 India www.sfspl.co.in
Sparkonix (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B103 India www.sparkonix.com
Spartan Precision Machinery Hall 4 A128 United States
Spectra-Tech Hall 5 A142 India www.spectratechindia.co.in
Speedfam (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C107 India www.speedfam.co.in
Speroni India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A144 India www.speronispa.com
Sphoorti Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B131 India www.sphrooti.com
Spinks Impex Hall 1A A127 India www.markolaser.com
Spintec Engineering Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A110 India www.spintecengg.com
Square Engineering Works Hall 5 C114 India www.squareengineeringworks.com
Sree Engineers Hall 2A B121 India
Sri Krishna Automation Hall 3B A109 India www.skautomations.com
Sri Saravanaa Fabs Hall 2B B114 India www.ssfabs.in
SriYantra Engineers Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A116 India www.sriyantra.co.in
SRK International Hall 3B B160 India www.srkinternational.co.in
SRS Technologies Hall 5 C121 India www.srstechnologies.org
Srujan Solutions Hall 4 C142 India www.srujansolutions.com
Stamp IT Robotai & Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B102 India www.marknstamp.com
Standard Units Supply India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A B113 India www.sus-india.com
Starline Enterprises Hall 3B B123 India www.starlinesupports.com
State Engineering Corporation Hall 3A A106 India www.secochuck.com
Statfield Equipment Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C139 India www.statfieldequipments.com
Static Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A132 India www.staticsystem.com
Steel-Smith Hall 3B A116 India www.steelsmith.com
Sterling Abrasives Ltd Hall 4 B141 India www.sterlingabrasives.com
STPL 3D / Sahajanand Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B114 India www.stpl3d.com
Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B116 India www.strategiautomation.com
Strub India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 C126 India www.strub-lube.com
Suave Engineering Hall 2B B109 India www.suaveengg.com
Sugino Machines Hall 4 B112 Japan www.sugino.com
Suhner India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C120 India www.suhner.com
Suntech Landriani Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B122 India www.suntechlandriani.com
Super Forge Hall 4 C131 India www.superautocomponent.com
Supersonic Hall 3B B128 India www.ultrasonic.net.in
Supply Point Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C102 India www.supplypoint.com
Sur Armour Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A121 India
Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B118 India www.silasers.com
Surface Modification Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A149 India www.smt.co.in
Surya Machine Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B144A India www.suryamachines.com
Svaya Robotics Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B110 India www.svayarobotics.com
Swastik Engineers Hall 1A A115 India www.keywaymillingindia.com
Swiftin Corporation LLP Hall 1B A138 India www.swiftindustrial.in
Swiftin Solutions LLP Hall 1B A139 India www.swiftindustrial.in
Swiza Safetech LLP Hall 1B A145 India www.swizasafetech.com
Sylvac Metrology (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B122 India www.sylvac.in
Synco Industries Ltd Hall 3B B124 India www.synco.co.in
TaeguTec India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B111 India www.taegutec-india.com
Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) Hall 4 C117 Taiwan www.tami.org.tw
Tantragna Engineering LLP Hall 3B B134 India www.tantragnaengg.com
Tap Master Hall 1A A121 India www.tapmasterindia.com
Tasa Micro SPM Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C110 India www.tasamicro.com
Taurus Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A113 India www.taurusspm.com
Taylor Hobson Ltd Hall 4 B112 United Kingdom www.taylor-hobson.com
TBT Tiefbohrtechnik GmbH + Co  Hall 4 C114 Germany www.tbt.de
TDM SYSTEMS (Sandvik Coromant ) Hall 1B A101 India www.tdmsystems.com
Tech Magnus Automation and Robotics Hall 1B A135 India www.techmagnus.com
Tech Mech Handling Equipment Hall 4 C138 India www.techmechgroup.com
Techexpert Engineering Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A131 India www.techexpertindia.com
Techno Instruments Hall 3B A113 India www.technoinstruments.net
Technology @ IMTMA Hall 1A B102A India www.imtma.in
Tecnicrafts Industries Hall 4 C152 India www.tecnicrafts.com
Tekcel Automation Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C123 India www.tekcelautomation.com
Teknic Euchner Electronics Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A107 India www.teknic-euchner.co.in
Teksai Systems Hall 5 B145 India www.teksai.org
Tesco Tools Hall 5 C138 India www.indiamart.com/tescotools/
Tespa Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A116 India www.tespaindia.com
TGT Tech Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A110 India www.tgtindia.com
The Jaws Mfg Co. Hall 5 C134 India www.jawsindia.com
The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) [Coventry] Hall 1B B141 United Kingdom www.the-mtc.org
THK India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A132 India www.thk.com
Tide Water Oil Co. India Ltd Hall 3B A110A India www.veedolindia.com
Timus Tooling System Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B127 India www.timustooling.com
Tirupati CNC Products Hall 1A A122 India www.tirupaticnc.com
Tisa Enterprises Hall 5 B142 India www.tisaclamp.com
TMC Measuring Instruments Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A101A India www.tmcinstruments.net
Tokyo Technical Instruments Inc. Hall 3B B146 Japan www.tti-geartec.jp/en/
Tool And Gauge Manufacturers Association (TAGMA) Hall 2A B102A India www.tagmaindia.org
Tool Room Engineers LLP Hall 5 A115 India www.powerbroach.in
Toolcraft Systems Pvt. Ltd Hall 2A A115 India www.toolcraft.in
Tooltech Industries Hall 5 A150 India www.tooltechind.com
Topking Technology Co., Ltd Hall 4 C118B Taiwan www.topking-tech.com
Tornos S.A Hall 4 A116 Switzerland www.tornos.com
Tosei Engineering Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B123 India www.toseieng.co.jp
Towa Optics (India) Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B135 India www.towaoptics.com
Toyoda Micromatic Machinery India Pvt. Ltd / JTEKT Hall 5 A125 India www.toyoda.jtekt.co.jp/e
Transtech Gears Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A115 India www.transtechgears.com
Trevisan Macchine / PC Progetti Hall 4 A105 India www.referencepointmachines.com
Tribotech Hall 3B B141 India www.tribotechindia.com
Trimaster Metrology LLP Hall 3B B104 India www.trimaster.in
Triple Infotech Hall 1B A136 India
Triquench India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B B116A India www.triquenchindia.com
Trishul Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A111 India www.trishulmachine.com
Trucut Precision Tools Pvt Ltd Hall 4 C153 India www.trucut-tool.com
TSI Power Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A106 India www.tsipower.in
Tsudakoma Corp. Hall 3A C104 Japan www.tsudakoma.co.jp
Tsugami Precision Engineering India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B113 India www.tsugami.co.in
Tumakuru Machine Tool Park (TMTP) Hall 5 C102B India www.tmtp.in
Tungaloy India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B115 India www.tungaloy.com/in
Turbo Clean GmbH Hall 2B B110D Germany www.turbo-clean.com
Turbo India Interconnect Solutions LLP Hall 3B B159 India www.turboindia-ics.com
Turnmax Machine Tools Hall 3A C135 India www.turnmax.in
Tussor Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B119 India www.tussorindia.com
TW Metals (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A112 India www.twmetals.com
UCAM Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A A102 India www.ucamind.com
Ucimu-Sistemi Per Produrre (UCIMU) Hall 1B C103 Italy www.ucimu.it
Ugro Capital Ltd Hall 5 B144 India www.ugrocapital.com
Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B105 India www.hydrojet.co.in
Unique Industries (India) Hall 3A C121 India www.uniquevices.com
Unique Saws & Machinery Pvt. Ltd Hall 1A B110 India www.uniquesaws.com
Unison Controls Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A120 India www.unisoncontrols.com
United Grinding India LLP Hall 4 C115 India www.grinding.ch
Universal Abrasives Hall 3A C132 India www.universalabrasives.in
Universal Enterprise Hall 4 B163 India www.ue-asia.com
Universal Metrology and Allied Services Hall 3B A105 India www.unimetgauges.com
Universal Robots India Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B120 India www.universal-robots.com
Usines Metallurgiques De Vallorbe SA Hall 2B A114 Switzerland www.vallorbe.com
U-Tech Associates Hall 5 B120 India www.u-techindia.com
V. M. Traders Hall 3A C124 India www.vmtraders.com
V. P. Industries Hall 4 B146 India www.vptools.in
Vanto Industries Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C129 India www.vanto-global.com
Varad Automation & Robotics Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B A126 India www.varadautomation.com
Vargus Ltd Hall 3A C122 Israel www.vargus.com
Varun Udyog Hall 3A A125 India www.industrialdiamondtools.net
VDW -Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken Hall 2B B109A Germany www.vdw.de
Vedant Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 B133 India www.vedanttools.com
Veekay Industries Hall 3A C116 India www.yamayoinstruments.com
Vektek LLC Hall 4 B123 United States www.vektek.com
Veljan Hydrair Ltd Hall 4 A136 India www.veljan.in
Versa Controls Measurement Technologies Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B A103 India www.versacontrols.com
VGS and Co Hall 2B B123 India www.vgsandco.com
Vijay Gears Hall 4 A138 India www.vijaygears.com
Vijayshree Wear Parts Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B157 India www.vjtl.in
Voestalpine High Performance Metals India Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 A148 India www.voestalpine.com/highperformancemetals/india
Vollmer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B B113 India www.vollmer-group.com
Voxel Werks 3D Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B103 India www.voxelwerks.com
VPS Technology India Pvt Ltd Hall 5 B130A India www.vpstechnics.in
VT Tools Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C119 India www.vttools.co.in
VV Hitech Innovations India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3B B150 India www.vvhitechhoses.in
Waldrich Coburg GmbH Hall 4 B111 Germany
Wanderer Maschinen GmbH Hall 2B B112E Germany www.wanderer-maschinen.de
Warrier Electronics Hall 4 C124 India www.wepune.co.in
Wave Tools & Technologies Hall 1A B124 India www.wavetools.in
Weiler Abrasives d.o.o Hall 2B A106 Slovenia www.weilerabrasives.com
Weingartner Maschinenbau GmbH Hall 4 C125 Austria www.weingartner.com
Wendt (India) Ltd Hall 5 B117 India www.wendtindia.com
Wenzel South Asia Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C126 India www.wenzel-group.com
Werardt Systemss Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A127 India www.werardt.com
Werner Finley Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A156 India www.wernerfinley.com
WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Hall 4 A103 Austria www.wfl.at
Wickman Machine Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd. Hall 4 A118 India www.wickman-group.com
WIKUS-Saegenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG Hall 2B A117E Germany www.wikus.de
Willemin-Macodel SA Hall 4 C106 Switzerland www.willemin-macodel.com
WiMate Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A123 India www.wimate.in
Wipro 3D / Wipro Enterprises Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A129 India www.wipro-3d.com
Wohlhaupter India Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A B116 India www.alliedmachine.com
WTO Werkzeug-Einrichtungen GmbH Hall 3A A113 Germany www.wto-tools.com
Xceed Toolings Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B142 India www.xceedgroup.in
Xiamen Egret Tool Co., Ltd Hall 3B B165 India www.egretool.com
Xtreme Coolers Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A C131 India www.xtremecooler.com
Yamazaki Mazak India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B101 India www.mazakindia.in
Yamazen Machinery & Tools India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 B116 India www.yamazen.co.in
YANTRA 24x7 / Profimax Digi Connect Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B A128 India www.yantra24x7.com
YG Cutting Tools Corporation Pvt. Ltd Hall 3A A116 India www.yg1.kr
YG Tech Co.,Ltd. Hall 4 C112E Korea www.gearhob.co.kr
YH Tools Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd (Nicon Vices) Hall 4 C128 India www.niconvises.com
Yugma Impressions Hall 5 B119 India www.yugmaimpressions.com
Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd Hall 4 B117 China www.yhskcnc.com
Yuken India Ltd Hall 1A B112 India www.yukenindia.com
Zavenir Daubert India Pvt. Ltd Hall 4 A154 India www.zavenir.com
Zayer, S.A. Hall 4 A123 Spain www.zayer.ces
Zeal Tech Automation Hall 2A A122 India www.zealtechautomation.com
Zealbots Automation Pvt. Ltd Hall 5 C116 India www.zealbots.in
Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH Hall 2B B110C Germany www.zecha.de
Zentron Labs Pvt. Ltd Hall 2B B118 India www.zentronlabs.com
Zhejiang Xinxing Tools Co., Ltd Hall 4 A125A China www.ch-tools.com
Zhejiang Zhiguang Precision Tools Co., Ltd Hall 4 A125 China www.zjzgjg.com
Zhuzhou Huarui Precision Cutting Tools.,Ltd Hall 3A B102 China www.zzhrjm.com
Zimmer Automation LLP Hall 2B B110 India www.zimmer-group.com
Zither Machine Tools Industries Hall 4 B156 India www.zitherchucks.com
Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd Hall 1B B129 India www.zoho.com
Zoller Singapore Pte. Ltd Hall 4 B132 Singapore www.zoller.info







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