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The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India has approved IMTEX 2023, Tooltech 2023 & Digital Manufacturing 2023 under the Procurement and Market Support (PMS) Scheme. Under this scheme, MSEs (Micro & Small Enterprises) participating in IMTEX 2023 can avail reimbursement on the expenses incurred.

Click here to apply for reimbursement support online.
Last Date: 12 January 2023.

Click here to download the copy of the letter of intimation from the Ministry of MSME

Click here for the user manual on how to apply for the reimbursement

As per the directives received from the MSME Ministry, approval for subsidy is solely at the discretion of the ministry subject to fulfilment of conditions stipulated. IMTMA will not be responsible for any decision that the ministry takes in granting the reimbursement.

The Association requests you to ensure that applicants comply with the procedures laid by the Ministry of MSME to ensure the subsidy can be availed for the participation.







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