5 Axis - Redefining Flexibility. Smart Laser Cutting Solution for 3D Operations

Maulik Patel, Executive Director, SLTL Group

The 3D sheet metal industry is one of the most demanding and complex industries on the planet. The industry demands hundreds and hundreds of operations, components, technologies and processes to manufacture on a sophisticated piece of engineering, which we use almost daily.

The manufacturing units are being used are old-school methods for cutting components need to upgrade to the latest 5 axis fiber laser cutting machine. Although the components manufacturing unit is struggling to provide quality products as well as increased productivity to meet the demand, there are several challenges that should be resolved along with quality products and increase production.

To achieve these standards, the R&D team at SLTL Group came up with Arm X5. This system has 2 more axis of freedom than conventional X, Y and Z axis, called the A and C axis. This allows for achieving higher flexibility. Resulting, a Laser System flexible enough to operate on various sizes and shapes of 3D metal components. The systems are equipped with Fiber Laser technology. There are several benefits of using Fiber Laser over other technologies, which are listed below :

Here are a few of the problems faced by the industry :

The Operation for Complex Shapes

The industry is moving rapidly towards new direction and thus demand more complex components. To best fit the requirement, companies want a smart solution to their needs.

Variability of Designs

As the demand is volatile there are a lot of variations of design we need to process within a strict time frame.

Long Operational Hours

The cutting operations carried out by conventional method need to rearrange the part again and again. This also contributes to increasing time for the operations.

Operational Cost

The traditional way of cutting 3D components is time-consuming which also increases the operational cost of the project.

Involvement of Operator

The conventional laser cutting machines need the high involvement of operator which might cause the error during operations.

The Solution :

The machine has the capability to cut complex curves precisely, effectively and quickly. SLTL has eliminated the complex task of operators to rearrange the parts, again and again, thus saving precious time of the industry. The software in the machine creates nesting structure. The machine is user-friendly and can be easily operated by anybody. The system is accurate in providing the following solutions :

Operations made Easy

The 5 axis cutting machine is simple to operate and can easily cut complex shapes without any hassle. The machine being sophisticated has simple control unit, making it easy to run even with low expertise.

Automations at Work

It comes with advanced features including 360 degree infinity rotational head, dynamic edge control and many more. This allows less human intervention for saving the time and error free operations. The intelligent system of Arm X5 allows time-saving for these tasks.

Robust Hardware and Software

Arm X5 is developed by SLTL Group’s in-house R&D by keeping the industry demand into strong consideration. The machine can be operated for long working hours without compromising the quality of the products.

Uninterrupted Work with Quick Service Response

SLTL also provides quick responses to maintenance and services. The service platform also known as ‘ WeCare’ is a strong centralised comprehensive digital system. Allowing SLTL Group to achieve speed and quality to the service all across the globe.

Flexible System Structure

Arm X5 is designed to operate on numerous shapes and sizes. Thus, the operational bed of the machine is modular in nature. With the change in requirement, the bed can be easily customized to provide the best suitable working area.

The advanced technology of Arm X5 developed by SLTL Group is changing the dynamics of the 3D cutting industries like automobile, aerospace, medical, robotics and more at a very crucial juncture of the market.







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