Summary of New Developments and Technology Trends in Laser Cutting

  • Use of higher Laser Power in Laser Cutting Machines for Productivity and for cutting thicker Plates.

  • Integration of Laser Cutting with Water Jet Cutting in same machine where the machine can cut variety of materials from 1mm to 200mm and Laser or Waterjet can be selected from productivity / cost considerations.

  • Use of multiple Heads in tandem and Auto beam mode and focus changing Laser Head for cutting multiple materials and thicknesses in same batch and for cutting Tailor welded blanks.

  • Integration of material handling and sorting pre and post Laser Cutting.

  • Use of Intelligent Fixtures for 5 axes Laser Cutting where fixture adapts clamps to avoid collision with Laser Head.

  • Use of elliptical beam ( self orienting ) to reduce Kerf

  • Use of integrated Inspection and adaptive control on the fly including for the quality of cut edges.

  • Integration of Laser with CNC Punch Press.

  • Integration of Laser Cutting with Roll Blanking and Roll Forming.

  • Special Applications of Laser cutting of Composites by :
    • Use of short pulses for CRPF to reduce damage due to differential absorption of radiation by Carbon Fiber and Matrix material
    • Step by step ablation of CFRP to reduce thermal damage
    • Helical Beam Scanning Head for deeper drilling in CFRP







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