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Your Factory a Smart Factory with ASI DataMyte !

ASI DATAMYTE provides software, hardware, and services for driving best-in-class quality across multiple industry verticals. As a pioneer with 40+ years of experience, we implement Integrated Quality Management Solutions that allows for a smart and connected factory. This helps to take fast decision and move a step close to your journey of Industry 4.0.

ASI DataMyte solution active users include automotive, aerospace and manufacturing. Though a large customer base include food and beverage, medical device and pharmaceutical industry as well.

ASI‘s industry leading agnostic, cross-platform data collection software and hardware devices provide cutting-edge, high integrity data collection and analysis. This enables clients to build real-time integrations across multiple business systems, and the data is then integrated into a client’s ERP or MES system. The company’s quality management solutions work cohesively between machines, devices, and software to deliver timely and hierarchically appropriate reporting and analytics. This accessibility to data allows managers to identify areas of improvement, optimize processes, and drive critical quality initiatives.

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