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Elesa+Ganter is an innovative global leader in design, manufacture and distribution of standard machine elements for the mechanical industry. We are well-known in the industry for offering the widest range of 60,000 products with unique design, a perfect service and the ability to create special customized solutions in a very short time. We firmly stand for our Italian design and German efficiency.

Our Products on Display at IMTEX :

  1. Operating elements, Machine elements , Indexing Elements, Clamping knobs,
  2. Clamping Levers, U-handles, Fixed, revolving, fold-away handles, Control elements,
  3. Rotary controls, Levelling elements, Joints, Hinges, Latches, Hook, toggle and power clamps,
  4. Accessories for hydraulic systems, Tube clamp connectors, Castors and Wheels, Retaining magnets etc.

Product Application :

Elesa+Ganter has a solution for virtually every application. Our standard elements are designed to meet the needs of applications in several industrial sectors like Construction & Material Handling Equipment, Metalworking Machineries, Plastic/Rubber molding machines, Catering & food Industry Machines, Printing & Packaging Machines, Medical, Chemical and pharmaceutical Machines, Textile Machinery, Die & Mould Industry and many more.

Elesa+Ganter’s High Performing Items

Our high performing items are marked with their own icons allowing standard parts to be selected specifically in terms of certain requirements. As one of the biggest strengths, Elesa+Ganter also offers special customized versions and technical solutions.

  • AE-V0 line
  • ATEX line
  • Clean Range
  • Ergostyle Range
  • INOX range
  • ESD Line
  • SAN Line
  • Soft line
  • Profile Compatible items

With maximum stock availability and fastest delivery times, we assure perfect service including technical assistance.







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