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Apsom Infotex unveils MODELA PRO II MDX540, MODELA MDX-50 and EGX-350 Desktop Engraver

MODELA PRO II MDX540 – Advanced Subtractive Rapid Prototyping Machine. The MODELA Pro II MDX-540/540S milling machine is designed for producing precision prototypes, molds, functional parts and custom goods. User-friendly operation in combination with robust performance provides support for milling resins, plastic and non-ferrous metals with a smooth finish in an expanded size. With its included CAM software for utilizing 3D CAD data, the MODELA Pro II MDX-540/540S is capable of handling a broad range of applications. It offers table size as 550mm X 420mm with X traverse as 500mm, Y traverse as 400mm, Z traverse as 155mm. The machine is offered with mechanical resolution 0.001mm which makes it perfect for the quality product. Spindle motor is enough strong with 400 W power through DC Brushless Motor and spindle speed is 400 to 12000 rpm. The machine can be offered with Automatic Tool Changer ZAT-540 and Rotary Axis Unit ZCL-540 to enhance the capacity of the machine.

MODELA MDX-50 – In today's ever-changing environment, new product designs need to be produced faster. The MODELA MDX-50 is a fully automated, high-precision 3D milling machine ideal for fabricating design and working models, and in-house parts and jigs. With the included Automatic Tool Changer and CAM software as standard and an optional rotary axis unit, the MODELA MDX-50 is capable of drastically reducing milling time and effort, and delivering true innovation to the design process.Automatic Desktop Milling Machine which can create precision prototype and 3D models. The machine has operating range of 400mm in X , 305mm in Y, 135mm in Z axis. The machine is housed with 6 tools ATC and spindle rotates at high speed upto 15000 rpm. ATC can have shank diameter 6mm or less and length can be 30 to 90mm. The machine comes with ROLAND DG software package CD, Detection pin, tool sensor in standard form. ZCL-40 can be offered as optional item to have 4th axis on this machine. Square end mills, Ball end mills can be offered as option based on the requirement.

EGX-350 Desktop Engraver - The EGX series of engraving machines are designed to meet the demands of business, by delivering exceptional engraving quality down to the finest details. Combining high-speed, high-precision engraving with superb efficiency and ease-of-use, the EGX series is the optimum engraver for any professional. Capable of 3D engraving on wood, metal or plastic, these engravers can add flair to a wide variety of applications, including name plates, awards, accessories and other personalized gifts, 3D reliefs and much more. Ideal for boosting business potential by providing high value-added services. The table size offered is 305mm X 230mm . The machine is offered with 3 axis simultaneous control step motor. Spindle runs at high speed up to 20000 rpm. The standard machine is offered with ROLAND software CD-ROM Roland Engrave Studio.







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