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Jyoti CNC displays Tachyon, Handsome Hunk and K3X 8 FIVE

IMTEX is a Chief Event for the Indian metal cutting industry and under nourishment of IMTMA It has become pinnacle exhibition globally demonstrating the latest trends as well as technological elaboration from India and other global players. At Jyoti, our organisation is "Temple of Technology" and through Innovation & Excellency we worship to bring overall prosperity and pride not only to Jyoti but to the country and to every individual associated. IMTEX is not less than any festival to us since it has given us a distinct identity among metal cutting fraternity. It's been two decades Jyoti is consistently showcasing technological strength and finest innovative advancement through the platform provided by IMTMA at IMTEX.

IMTEX 2019 is a special edition in many dimensions. The flagship event of IMTEX was started in 1969 by IMTMA. The event is entering in to the 50th year now! We congratulate IMTMA and associates to impart the show successfully year on years.

For Jyoti, IMTEX is an occasion where we display our technological capability, strength and competency in front global manufacturing world. Through IMTEX, World can see the growth and advancement from Indian metal cutting Industry. Jyoti is pioneer to bring many innovative technological trends to India machine tool sector such as linear motor technology, i-Sect as oval turning CNC Machine and Multi-Tasking machines.

This IMTEX, Jyoti will come with another cluster of metal cutting machines which is perfect blend of technology and innovation to cater the need of various manufacturing sectors with dedicated application suitability. At Jyoti pavilion one can catch nearly 30 advanced and upgraded machines from our product basket & of course new launching machines too. The displayed machines are to connect every leading sectors ranging automobile to aerospace.

In this edition of IMTEX we are launching a new variant in Turning Center series with Next Gen design loaded with best technological features to cater various mass production requirement. There will be an another new launch in our popular VMC master blaster carved in new avatar which consort with small sized VMC component. We are introducing one of our VMC variant with facelift under 'nvu' series. 'nvu' design series has changed perspective of Indian Machine Tool Industry.

Jyoti has always senses the need of metal cutting industries leap ahead, keeping in mind we continue to promote and accommodate automation in machine tool sector. This season we are launching another variant of automation with turning series. This is going to be economical & productivity boosting option from Jyoti to metal cutting industry. We are going to launch a dedicated variant in vertical shaft turning application with suitable automation.

There will be an outstanding cluster of fast drill tap centres called "Tachyon". We are showcasing few of finest yielding applications made possible with the Tachyon family machines. This will truly reveal the capacity of Tachyon against other competitive models across the globe. In 5 axis series cluster we will have our "handsome Hunk" U Mill 5 and most demanding K3X 8 FIVE. Of course Multitasking still making big choir as Jyoti is again first one to build multitasking machine in India! We will represent MTX machine with its peculiar application. We are also displaying NX and HMC series machines under large machine section. Apart from the highlights you will have many surprising and thrilling elements to witness at Jyoti Pavilion, Hall No-5 @ IMTEX 2019!!

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