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We introduce ourselves, Kapsun Resources Corporation, as the only 100% Indian Manufacturer of Commercial cum Industrial Air Coolers utilizing latest State-Of-The-Art Technology in Environment-Friendly & Energy-Efficient Cooling Systems.

KRC Model – Antarctica 120Ltr & 90Ltr. (Available in 8 variant)


Cools maximum 2500 Sq. ft Area, Consumes ONLY 1 Unit per 2 Hrs, and Throws Air up to 75 ft.

Principal Involved

Maximum evaporation involved to give best cooling and air flow in its class with minimum electricity.


  • High performance aerodynamic fan design to deliver 18000m3/hour air flow.
  • Most efficient electric motor which consumes only 490watts.
  • Cellulose 9050 cooling pad with 4 inch thickness helps to maximize evaporation to give best cooling.
  • Acoustically balanced Cooler body structure, reduces vibration and humming sound. Total operation is having only 68db noise, which is lowest in its class of cooling equipments.
  • 2500* sq. feet area is cooled with just 490watts of energy consumption.
  • From 45oC heat to > 30oC cool temperature achievement is record setting performance at just 490watts usage.

Degree of Cooling

Cools the above-mentioned areas by Minimum 3 Degrees Centigrade (without Water) to 7 Degrees Centigrade (with Water) LOWER than the outside Ambient Temperature in ANY Season except summers. In summers the Difference would be much Higher 12 to 18 Degrees Centigrade.







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