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Elelectronic Dial Calibration Tester : Least Count 0.0001 mm, Range : 10 / 25 mm
Useful for periodic calibration of plunger type and lever type Dial gauges and bore gauges. The unit can be computer interfaced with user-friendly software for statistical analysis of measured values.

Gear Rolling Tester (Model GRT P-1)
Useful for checking total composite error, tooth to tooth error of Spur and Helical Gears. Available on demand the attachments for shaft gears, worm gears and Bevel gears and short center attachment for smaller gears. Center Distance 35 mm to 220 mm. Short center Attachment is available to inspect the gears with Center Distance 25 mm. Shaft Gears up to Length: 700 mm max. also can be inspected.

Indexing Fixture For Gear Rolling Tester
The indexing fixture is offered on Gear Tester, Model P-1 and P-2 only. The fixture is useful for inspection of Counter shaft gear. With the fixture maximum 5 Nos. of Master Gears are mounted on different mandrels at a time and gears on shaft can be inspected one-after-another by meshing with the respective master gear.

Bevel Gear Tester
The Bevel Gear Tester is useful for inspection of bevel gears in double flank method. The measurement of clearance of gear flanks and detection of bearing areas, inspection of composite error and checking of assembly distances are the applications of this instrument. Maximum bevel gear diameter 140 mm. Angle adjustment of axes 50° to 140°. Bevel Gears with min. assembly distance of 35 mm and Maximum assembly distance of 90 mm can be inspected.

Computerized Gear Roll Tester
The fully Computerized and Motorized Gear Roll Tester is useful for inspection of total composite error, tooth to tooth error and Radial Run out of gears. The test report is generated in graphical format and indicating unit shows the accept / reject results based on pre-determined entered values. This instrument is offered with our models P-1 and P-2. The high spot pen marking attachment is also offered for model P - 2 as per demand.

Precision Bore Comparator
Useful for checking Internal Diameter, Groove Diameter of Bore, Plain Internal Diameter, Internal Tapered diameter, Internal Pitch diameter and internal raceway diameter of machined parts. Measuring Range (Diameter): 4 - 67 mm. Measuring Range (Height): 0 - 12 mm.

Check Master (The Inspection Gauging Unit)
This instrument finds its application on shop floor as well as in the Gauge Room for inspection of Internal Diameter, Outside Diameter, Run-out, Composite error of gears, Thickness etc. parameters of machined parts. The instrument is popularly used on shop floor as a comparator for stage inspection and final inspection. We offer special tooling on the instrument as per customer requirement to meet inspection requirement of the components.


Electronic Tensometer, Model PC - 2000 (Bench Model Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine Capacity : 20 KN)
The electronic Tensometer is a compact and versatile bench model horizontal Tensile Testing Machine of capacity 20 KN (2000kg). This Mini Universal Testing Machine is popularly used for testing tensile, compressive, Shear, Flexural properties of different materials.

The model PC 2000 is top of the range model in series of Tensometer. It combines the state of art computer technology and precision manufacturing techniques to offer unique mini horizontal Universal Testing Machine. The on line test graph is displayed on the monitor. The features in software are the ultimate solution for ever increasing stringent demand of material testing in quality inspection. The Load cells of capacity 200N (20 Kg), 2KN (200Kg), 5KN (500 Kg), 10 KN (1000 Kg) and 20 KN (2000kg) are available with the above model. The instrument is offered with DC Servo Motor, Drive, CVT, Digital Indicating Unit and Software.



Useful for inspection of Gears for :

  • Total Composite Error (Fi")
  • Tooth to tooth Error (fi")
  • Radial run Out (Fr")
  • High spot

This is a two station Gear Roll Tester for inspection of two identical gears with respect to master gear. While one gear is being inspected, the previous inspected gear is unloaded and another gear loaded for next inspection.

  1. Design Features :
    • The design of machine is rigid base having Master gear is centrally located on Arbor of the machine. The Master Gear is a driver Gear.
    • Both the component Gears are identical and mounted on arbors on either sides of master gear on adjustable and floating slides.
    • The Range of machine to inspect the Gears for center distances from master gear, for the gears from 30 to 130 mm.
    • Floating slide is mounted above the adjustable slide on the both sides (called as station one & station two) and can be operated by using pneumatic cylinders mounted on adjustable slides.
    • ( two Pneumatic cylinders operating pressure required is 3 Bar).
    • At the both ends component gears mounted on suitable Arbors and henceforth is called as station 1 and 2. (see schematic sketch above)
    • The Master gear is rotated by using Panasonic motor and drive.
    • The test gear from station one is mate with the master gear by using Hand held unit.
    • The rotation RPM can be set initially in Digital Read Out unit from 3 RPM to 15 RPM in step of one RPM.
    • The Rotation of master gear, rotates the test gear on station one at selected RPM.
    • The movement of floating slide is sense by the Tesa probe at station one and transfer the data to DRO.
    • The DRO will collect the data and give the errors in Component gear at station One. After completion of inspection of gear from station one, data will display on DRO Or by using PC software, we can view the data on PC.
    • While test is in progress at station one, we can unload previous inspected gear from station two and load new gear for inspection at station two.

  2. The features of Digital Read Out system are as follows :
    • Microcontroller based Duplex CGRT with 20 X 4 Jumbo LCD Display.
    • Multi color Soft touch Keypad.
    • Servo Drive Interface , 2 LVDT Probe Interface.
    • Auto meshing of Test gear with Master.
    • Auto roll test with servo motorized revolution.
    • Programmable Gear parameter. Key switch protection for Programming parameter.

  3. Motor and Drive specification :
  4. Panasonic make Servo Motor, A5 Series, Watt – 750 Watt.Servo Drive A5 Series.
  5. Probe specification – 2 Nos :
  6. Make Tesa, Range : 0 to 2 mm., Least Count = 0.001 mm.







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