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Linear Ways India offers service in the field antifriction guideways. Our linear guideways provide the advantage of precise, playfree, smooth movement of machine parts, not only the sensitive manual motion but also in automobiles and numerically controlled machines. We use ball, roller or needles as the rolling medium according to the load and stroke requirment. The load bearing capacity of linear guideways extends from few kilograms to over tons. High accuracy of the rolling movement and precise positioning are important qualities that contritbute to the excellent reputation of Linear Guideways.


  1. Linear Cross Roller Bearings
    • Type –R
    • Type –RD

  2. Linear Needle Roller Guideways
    • Type – N/O
    • Type – LM

  3. Cross Roller Slides
    • Type – RO
    • Type – N/F

  4. Frictionless Needle Roller Slides
    • Type – NU
    • Type – NL

  5. Coordinate Frictionless Tables
    • Type – NB
    • Type – RQ

  6. Single / 2 Axis Slides for Special Purpose Machines
    • Single Axis
    • 2 Axis

  7. Flat Thread Rolling Dies for Self Tapping Screws

  8. Three Axis CNC PC Controlled Micro Milling & Engraving Machine

  9. Gear Roll Tester
    • Without Column
    • With Column

  10. Linear Motion Guides & Blocks
    • Linear Guide Rails
    • Linear Blocks

  11. Ballscrews with Nuts
    • Precision Ground Ballscrews with Nuts
    • Rolled Ballscrews with Nuts

  12. Hardened & Ground Chrome Plated Shafts with Bushes
    • Linear Shafts
    • Linear Bushes/Bearings

  13. End Supports for Shafts & Ballscrew & other Accessories
    • Shaft End Supports
    • Ballscrew End Supports

  14. Lead Screws & Nuts

  15. Servo Couplings

  16. Linear Actuators

  17. Rack & Pinion







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