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MeasurLink 7 Real - Time Standard Edition

Integrated solution for Quality Data Management. It centralizes your quality data with the most versatile tool and instrument interface options available. This high end statistical platform delivers real-time data with instant message capabilities and comprehensive quality reporting. Also provides part inspection visualizations ensuring a clear view of your inspection process and your measurement results.

An easy-to-use, Windows-based family of quality data management software applications.

Mitutoyo MeasurLink is an easy-to-use, Windows-based family of quality data management software applications. MeasurLink combines real-time data acquisition, on-line statistical analysis, integrated networking, and quality information sharing into a comprehensive data management solution.

MeasurLink 7 Real-Time Standard Edition is designed for customers who want to acquire andanalyze data in real-time and check variable and attribute inspection to maximize productionand minimize defects.

It has views to allow the user to create Parts, Characteristics with nominal and tolerance and Traceability lists. The data collection interface provides real-time graphics for Run charts, Control charts, Histograms and Statistics.

Standard views include Datasheet (observations and charts), Classic View (chart windows), and 2D view (part images with callouts that include charts and statistical data) along with anespecially customizable Info View and additional Manager Views.

Full reporting template functionality is also provided. Supported data sources include keyboard, RS232 and USB devices.

  • On-line real-time data collection
  • Analysis of all data
  • Network monitoring
  • Gage repeatability and reproducibility
  • Gage inventory and calibration control
  • User-friendly
  • Click a gage button and watch the charts update in real-time. This helps the operator stay on top of the process. Begin collecting data in minutes with the newly designed Inspection Wizard

  • Data acquisition
  • Collects data from digital micrometers, calipers, indicators, bore gages, etc. Keyboard entry is a snap. Collect data for one or a million parts.

  • Comprehensive SPC
  • Easy to use Control Charts, Histograms, Capability, Detailed statistics, Assignable Causes, Corrective Actions, and Traceability all make this software “best in class”. 

  • Variable data
  • Collect dimensional data (length, width, height, outside diameter, inside diameter weight, etc.). Supports derived features (calculations for run out, volume, true position, etc.)

  • Engineering specifications
  • Attach drawings to parts, routines or individual characteristics for viewing. Most file formats are supported as an attachment (e.g. Word, PDF, CAD).

  • Multimedia aids
  • Attach movies (AVI, MOV, MPG), sound (WAV) and images (BMP, JPG, TIF) to parts, routines or individual characteristics as instructional aides for an operator.

  • Revision history
  • Track specification adjustments and preserve historical data.

  • Part pictures
  • View scanned blueprints, digital photographs at a glance. On screen guided sequencing keeps the operator moving to the right feature.

  • Corrective action plans
  • Operators choose corrective action as applied to the part or process. Multiple corrective actions can be applied to any subgroup. Empower operator to build on existing Corrective Action list.

  • Mathematically derived features
  • Full functioning real-time calculator with
    standard math functions including square root,
    exponential, trigonometric, sum, average, max,
    min, calculations.

  • Sequenced and random gage input
  • Flexible data input. Collect data by feature, by part or randomly. Guided sequencing minimizes inspection errors.

MACH V Series

In Line CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine with a High speed / acceleration designed for intensive use in hostile workshop environment.

Full fledged CMM with In-Line connectivity support which replaces the conventional gauge measurement by Flexible CMM.

To meet the manufacturing sector needs, Mitutoyo in particular has developed the new series as a set of high-throughput CNC CMMs designed for on-site measurements on the basis of its coordinate measuring technology. To serve as a system with high functionality, its main unit has achieved high rigidity and optimal weight distribution through structural design using FEM analysis. This also uses a linear guide system that takes the on-site environment into consideration, protecting the main unit with a dust-proof cover, and making the system partially maintenance-free. With its compact design, the special-purpose control panel also enables manufacturing workers to operate with safety and simplicity. In terms of in-line measurement, it is necessary to be able to perform partial workpiece measurement so as to check the shape of the replacement portion when changing cutting tools. Combined use with an optional touch-screen panel makes it possible to visually specify the portion to be measured. This system thus, has been developed from a comprehensive standpoint to meet all possible needs.


World's fastest CNC vertical axis In-Line CMM

  • High through put by high speed and acceleration.
  • Improved structure and wide range temperature for shop floor environment.
  • Minimum foot print, stable operation.
  • Vertical or horizontal structure depending on shop floor and measurement.

Main Specifications Mach V Series:
  • Measuring range:
    • X axis= 900m
    • Y axis= 1000mm
    • Z axis= 600mm
  • Maximum permissible error MPEE: 2.5 + 3.5L/1000 (19 to 21°C)
  • Resolution: 0.0001mm (0.1!m)
  • Drive speed: 866mm/s (all axes)
  • Maximum drive acceleration: 8,480mm/s² (all axes)


MiCAT Planner software by Mitutoyo generates CMM part programs with unprecedented efficiency and drastically reduces programming efforts in developing part programs for coordinate measuring machines. The software's automatic measuring program generator saves time while reducing costs.

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