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Details of the products are as below

    Products by Mitsubishi Electric CNC Department

    1. Mitsubishi Electric - E80 Series :

E80 series has come with drastic improvements in performance, with its two models as – E80A and E80B. E80A is targeted to Parts cutting VMCs with its highlights such as ‘Supports to 4th axis’, ‘Supports to Synchronization tap using inverter spindle’, ‘Engraving & Milling Control’ and ‘Work Measurement functions’. E80B focus on the Lathe segment with its attractions such as ‘Support for XZCY Main spindle Mill spindle’, ‘Interactive cycles for easy programming’, ‘3D Solid check’, ‘Inverter synchronized tapping’, ‘Spindle type servo control’ and it’s Simple screen, where volume of information can be viewed in single screen.

    1. Mitsubishi Electric – M800/M80 Series :

The MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC M800/M80 series sets new standards in ease of use and flexibility. Only the precision and reliability are just like the 7 generations before. Addressing the need for a fast, precise and affordable computerized numerical control (CNC) system for complex machining applications, Mitsubishi Electric, introduces the M800 and M80 Series CNC and components. The M800 is a high-grade CNC designed for high-speed, high-accuracy machining and multi-axis, multi-part system control and features the industry’s fastest CNC, while the M80 provides high productivity and easy operability. “Factory owners, machine operators, production supervisors and other end users who need fast production in complex, high-value production applications can now specify Mitsubishi Electric M800 and M80 Series computerized numerical control from their machine tool builders”

    1. Mitsubishi Electric – C80 Series :

C80 is the most revolutionary, next-generation CNC that opens a new era of production lines through compatibility with Mitsubishi Electric’s PLC MELSEC iQ-R Series. C80 is capable of controlling complex machines, as it is configured upto 3 CPUs (21 part systems and 48 axes). New CNC monitor, same as the standard HMI of M800/M80 series, provides easy operability. Simple diagnostic function and log viewer function etc provides excellent maintainability.

    Products by Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation – Robot Department

1. Industrial Robots — MELFA

Armed for productivity. MITSUBISHI MELFA industrial robot fits for cell manufacturing with high speed and high precision performance and combining intelligent technology. It has easy connectivity with our PLCs and FA equipments. Large range of robot models makes selection easy. Mitsubishi Electric produces a comprehensive range of robot models to cater to the full spectrum of modern needs. All Mitsubishi Electric robots are powerful, fast and compact – that goes almost without saying. The product range includes the almost universal articulated-arm robots with 6 degrees of freedom and payloads of 2 kg to 20 kg and SCARA robots with 4 degrees of freedom and payloads of 3 kg to 70 kg for assembly and palletising tasks. Two special models are the unique high-precision robots with their parallel arm structure for very fast micro handling tasks with payloads of 1 kg to 5 kg as well as the flexible high-speed SCARA robot for ceiling mounting.

Next-generation, high performance robots.

With consumer needs rapidly evolving towards increased diversification and reduced time to market, today’s manufacturers face a time of considerable change. It is no longer enough for industrial robots to simply perform a single task. Industry now demands robots with the capacity and flexibility to readily take on more sophisticated tasks. The MELFA FR-Series provides new, more intelligent solutions that underpin “Next-Generation Manufacturing”, offering a simpler approach to advanced and flexible production. “Next-Generation Intelligent Functions” make it simple to carry out work that has always defied automation. MELFA SafePlus features “safe, collaborative work applications” and allows robots and people to work together with high levels of safety while still providing the high-speed and high-performance. “FA-IT Integration Functions” with the full line of Mitsubishi Electric automation products provide a level of performance, functionality and ease of use and thus support next-generation manufacturing.

    Products by Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation – LVS Department

1. Low Voltage Switchgear, Contactors and Motor Starters

Mitsubishi low voltage circuit breakers have advanced breaking functionality, and are available for use in a wide range of applications. Mitsubishi Electric’s low voltage circuit breakers prolong the lifespan of electrical equipment. For over a half of a century Mitsubishi low voltage circuit breakers meet the needs of market. Including the WS-V series equipped with a new breaking technology, Mitsubishi Low Voltage Circuit Breakers have various lineups depending on the electric power market and the machinery.

MS-T/N Series Motor Starters are environmentally friendly, internationally usable, compact, easy to use and safe. Wide selection of products that supports all types of applications. MS-T/N Series Motor Starters are environmentally friendly, internationally usable, compact, easy to use and safe. They comply with many international standards, and cover a wide range of applications, from switchboards to machines requiring high reliability.

    Products by Mitsubishi EDM / Laser

1. MP2400

High-class model incorporating a ultra-high accuracy machining

Opening the door to IoT New type control unit "D-CUBES". By improving machining accuracy and utilizing IoT technology, we will support customer productivity improvement, with innovation technology, manufacturing will be on the next stage.

◆Machining Accuracy -Opt Drive System. Next-generation drive system and optimum machine structure.

◆Productivity -Precise Finish Circuit. Advanced Productivity.

◆Automatic Wire Threading -Intelligent AT. Advanced technology for greatly improved productivity.

◆Workability -Auto & Easy Setup. User-friendly features ensure easy operation 

◆Operability -Natural User Interface. User-friendly features ensure easy operation.  

◆Energy Savings, Low Running Cost -Long Life System. Realizing low costs and environment-friendly operation.


2. EA12PS

High-grade model compatible for various uses.

Machining Accuracy

◆±3μm pitch accuracy achived(※1).

XY-axis linear scales standard equipment.

※1 The machining accuracy follows the Mitsubishi Electric machining conditions.

◆Standard function of 'Thermal buster' Temperature change is visualized with 'visualization monitor'


◆Machining speed is up to 40% faster with the combination of highly accelerated(1.6G) jump control and aduptive control 'IDPM'

◆Ultrafine finish surface of Ra0.05μm is realized with upgraded NP2 circuit.


◆3-sided automatic elevation tank standardized. Automatic emission/suction changeover also standardized.

◆Setup time reduced by faster jog operations speed Jog operation speed is customizable.







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